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Are Mobile Phones a Fashion Statement

For many people, mobile phones are an essential tool of business used for fast communication. It is a necessity, just like a wrist watch. But for far too many, it is not just a tool of communication it is also an important way of conveying a statement about their personality.

Younger users find it indispensable tool that enables them to chat with friends as well as sending and receiving text messages. Since their interests are often in music, companies have responded by offering them with phones that features like radio, polyphonic ring tones and games etc. This has filled the need of owning a phone and a music player on the move.

And this segment of the mobile phone users have fell head over heals with these devices - asking them almost iconic in their view point. The improved quality of these features is firmly establishing mobile phones in the 'never loose sight of these devices - ever' category for the young consumers. Then companies have gone a little further. Since these consumers are also conscious of their looks, the mobile phones also offer them a choice of colour, size, ring tones and so on.

In short, companies have positioned themselves to offer these consumers fashion accessories. The primary function of these phones remain the same: talk to anyone with a phone from almost anywhere, with added benefits of life style choices: music, camera, games. In short they offer an opportunity to nurture 'self image'. Many consumers have been converted so much that many feel that they are beginning to identify their personality and individuality with the type of phone or model they carry. Just as many plan their wardrobe for the season ahead, they also accessorize their mobile phone with accessories. Is this a healthy trend? Well this is for sociologists to decide.

Companies are merely responding to the market place. Consumers are being offered an increasing choice of handsets as well as the price plans according to their needs. The choice is so varied that in UK alone, more than 20,000 offers are available to consumers at any one time.

All these deals originate from just 7 mainstream phone companies and offered via various sales channels. This bewildering choice of phones and the associated plans offer a perfect fit for your lifestyle, whatever your style. But making a choice is no easy task. This can involve sifting through wads of catalogues and browsing countless websites in every corner of internet. This way you can compare the ins and outs of every mobile phone deal available in UK.

Some comparison websites already offer such functionalities. But some sell stuff on the side while others promote others. Neutrals are hard to find, except TopMobiles4u. It does not sell any phone or calling plans, it just compares them. It conducts a fast search through almost every deal available in UK according to your criteria. I conducted a search of 20,000 deals and got results in less than 20 seconds.

Availability of an array of mobile phones and tariffs is great news for consumers. This is a sign of healthy competition which ultimately keeps prices low. But even better news is the easiness of comparing these deals from one place. But there is one problem though. Regardless of the latest features of your phone, the one with more and better features is not far off. Long live the innovation in this sector.

Dan Sherman's website compares 20,000 mobile phone deals in 10 seconds. This is almost every phone and price plan available at any time in UK. Please visit his website TopMobiles4u. Website does not sell anything. The deals from all suppliers are automatically updated every day. Check out the site http://www.topmobiles4u.com/.

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