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Boston, MA (PRWEB) January 6 2004--Gomvents Corp. and giveRAMP.com Release New Website Submission Software! What is so great about this software and who is it for? If you own a website then this is for you! This Website submission software submits your URL everywhere it needs to be by placing your website on over one million search engines, directories, and link pages to get listed in the search engines--1,239,820 to be exact. This software by Gomvents Corp. will submit your websites and every page of them to every search engine and directory out there.

Gomvents Corp. will optimize your site's code free of charge through email communication after you purchase the software. Not just meta-tags, the whole site, meaning every page and all the code (Text, alt tags, comments, other relevancy issues, etc.). Gomvents Corp. also hand submits all your URLs to AltaVista.

com. Gomvents Corp. also provides hand website submission to Dmoz.org and other major directories. Every purchase also comes with lifetime tech support and a $10 credit at the giveRAMP.com pay per click search engine.

NOTE: To buy, send $45 PayPal to billing@gomvents.com Direct all other questions to contact@gomvents.com You may also choose to install the giveRAMP.com Toolbar, an option in Website Submitter 1.0 The new giveRAMP.

com Pop-Up Blocking Toolbar offers an easy way to search giveRAMP.com for all your favorite products and research topics. The toolbar blocks all types of pop-ups and we challenge you to find a better solution to blocking pop-ups! Pop-ups can often contain active-x and other auto-installing programs including viruses and Trojans! You can also highlight search terms with the giveRAMP.com Toolbar showing you exactly how relevant the search results you just got are! Unlike Google's and Alexa's toolbars, the giveRAMP.

com Toolbar does not send any information to anyone! It is a free service to also users to search the giveRAMP.com database. The three main focuses of the giveRAMP.com search engine are paid product and service listings, along with relevant research results if you are looking up a historical fact or even a product review.

Check out www.giveRAMP.com for more information. You can even "Add to Favorites" by clicking a button down towards the bottom-left of the page to bookmark the site for future use.

About giveRAMP.com A subsidiary of Gomvents Corp., giveRAMP.com offers pay-per-click search engine advertising with no setup fees, no monthly fees and a 1 cent minimum cost per click price. You can have your website displayed in the giveRAMP.com search results and affiliate sites by purchasing pre-paid advertising, similar to a pre-paid phonecard.

You can start your campaign with as little as $10, and you can "recharge" your account as often as you like. Your account (like the phonecard) only uses credits after someone has searched for a key word or phrase that is relevant to your site (that you submit to us) and then clicks though to your site.

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Where New Website Submission Software - Boston, MA (PRWEB) January 6 2004--Gomvents Corp.

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