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Giants Paired To Make Full Color Commercial Printing Breakthrough

It is common to see large companies from different industries moving together to come up with technological breakthroughs. The partnership between Kodak, the American multinational public company known for their wide range of photographic films, and Isilon, the leader on designing and marketing clustered storage systems can be considered as one of the most momentous in commercial printing. CNNMoney.com recently reported that Kodak will be providing commercial printers to companies which have already taken advantage of Isilon's industry-leading system. The partnership will make it easier for companies having a single pool of shared storage to increase the speed by which individual employees can access images and files stored in a single storage system. The speedy access will increase the efficiency of the business by reducing time wastage.

With the combined Kodak and Isilon solution, it is expected that any commercial full color printing business can cope with ever increasing number of digital images. With the industry growing at an exponential rate, businesses should be able to cope with the growth. Kevin Joyce, Managing Director (United States and Canada Region) of Kodak's Graphic Communications Group has said: "Today's printing industry is experiencing increasingly complex jobs, file type diversification and ever larger file sizes. Through this agreement with Isilon, Kodak is enabling our customers to centralize their critical data into a single, easily scalable storage pool to share and access current and archived print jobs quickly and easily. With this new joint solution, our customers can move from production to press in less time and with greater ease." - CNNMoney.

com. According to industry reports, the digitalization of the printing industry for the last five years has created an explosion of data. High resolution photos and new file formats fuel the need for better storage system. "Like many companies spanning the enterprise who depend on digital content and large, file-based data, the printing services industry is facing a significant strain on their existing storage resources, hindering their ability to advance their business operations cost-effectively," said Brett Goodwin, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Isilon Systems. "Our alliance with Kodak brings the transformative power of clustered storage to the printing industry, creating a centralized storage system that is capable of managing extremely large file sizes and a truly all-digital workflow, enabling commercial printers to optimize their press operations for increased productivity and resource utilization," he added further.

One of the companies that should benefit from this breakthrough is Sac Digital Printing based in Sacramento, CA. The company has been making waves in the industry on their quest to become the biggest name in the business.

Sac uses full color printing technology to produce high quality offset printing of brochures, business cards, door hangers, letterhead, postcards, and flyers among others. Sac Digital Printing was recently voted the best commercial printer in the capital of California. And has recently made it's award winning services available to the entire USA via their their website sacdigital.com.

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