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Inkjet Printer Cartridges Why You Should Buy an AllinOne

Whether you are starting a small business, working from your home, or simply have a computer at home, there will arise times you need to print something out on paper, other times you will need to send a fax to someone, and still other times that you need to photocopy a document for your records. In today's world, more and more often we need to communicate across distance using a fax machine which hooks into your telephone line or high speed data connection line. You can purchase a basic fax machine that does everything a small office needs for around $100 which uses standard inkjet paper to print out faxes. This type of fax machine will use printer cartridges that are very much like the ones used in inkjet printers. Now, you have to decide where to place this new piece of hardware; after all, equipment does take up shelf or desk space and you may well be like many of us, very short on space. Plus you will have to remember what types of print cartridge the machine requires.

In your busy work day, you probably don't have time to take items down to the local printer or office supply store and have copies made. So, you need a device to make copies of document, receipts, and other items. You can buy an affordable copier which will make copies of acceptable quality for about $100 to $250 if you don't mind settling for a no whistles and bells model. It will produce printouts on standard paper and will use either toner cartridges or printer cartridges much like inkjet cartridges.

Now, you have to decide where to place this new hardware in your already crowded work area. Chances are, you'll have yet another model of printer cartridge to stock. Of course, you must have a printer in order to function.

Whether you are a student, a small business person or simply a home computer user, you will need to print documents from time to time. You may want to print out your digital photographs, print out how-to articles to help with a project you are working on, or print out business letters and contracts. You can purchase a very nice small inkjet printer that uses printer cartridges for under $100, or you can go for a fancy model and spend a little over $100, but either way, you will have yet another piece of hardware that requires space on your desk or work area. Now, you have three different types of printer cartridges to keep on hand to accomplish your tasks. Do you see the problem? There's no place left for you to sit and work! You're enclosed behind a fortress of equipment. But you do not have to let that happen to you.

All-in-one printer / fax / copier combinations which use a single set of printer cartridges and print on standard printer paper can allow you to save money and space too. Most all-in-one printers are slightly larger than a normal printer because of the fax keypad functions, but the space required is minimal. You'll only have one machine to worry about stocking printer cartridges for and your cost will go down significantly. Plus, your workspace will multiple by two over having three separate pieces of equipment.

Mr James has owned The Cartridge Specialists (Melbourne) since 2004 selling ink, toner, fax rolls etc & regularly writes articles about his industry

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