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Personalize Your Mobile With Ringtones

With the cell phone market steadily becoming one of the largest industries in the world, it is no surprise that thousands of consumers are spending the majority of their money on this hot item. While some cell phones are rather pricy, most mobile phones include addicting features. One of the most popular features are the hundreds of different mobile ring tones. With the ability to download any song, movie theme, or voice tone, the opportunities are endless. Although cell phones are not a fresh item, mobile ring tones have not become customizable until recent years. Once Nokia began to change the outlook of ring tones in 1997, users were able to pick specific sounds for when their phones rang.

These sounds came in the form of popular songs, silly messages, or just midi melodies. Unfortunately, they were midi-based and did not include real music. Luckily, as technology began to progress, true music ring tones appeared which allowed users to play the actual mp3 on their cell phone.

In other words, instead of a melody, one could actually hear the real music, as if a CD were playing. With thousands of mobile phone users now having the opportunity to pick a song based on their personality and preference, the choices are endless. As a result, the majority of cell phone companies now allow users to customize what ring tone plays when specific people call. For instance, if a mother called a daughter's cell phone, then she would have a specific mobile ring tone. Boyfriends, best friends, and co-workers can also be customized.

By assigning various songs and melodies to different people, the phone owner will easily know who is calling. While these mobile ring tones have made quite a splash, it is important to know that there are many different types. For instance, there are cheaper ring tones which only offer midi melodies. These monophonic ring tones are a dollar or two less, and are a great alternative for people with a budget. Generally, they cost around $1.

99-2.99. On the other hand, true ring tones provide the user with the mp3 version.

Although this is more expensive, users will be able to hear their favorite song, no matter what type of cell phone they have. Luckily, ordering these mobile ring tones is extremely easy, even if you are technology handicapped. Many cell phones have a "Get it Now" button, which immediately brings the user to a cell phone ring tone store. Luckily, most programs offer a free trial download, which is great if you are unsure of what store to pick.

By browsing through the selections, previewing the tones, and then pressing the purchase button, cell phone users can have as many ring tones as they'd like. If your cell phone does not have this button, you can easily acquire ring tones through the internet. There are hundreds of great websites like ringtonejukebox and unlimitedringtones that offer affordable music.

After you have selected a ring tone, you send it to your cell phone number, and you automatically have the music at your fingertips. No matter what type of cell phone user you are, ring tones are a wonderful way to spice up a phone call. We all love personalized music and messages; therefore this is a great opportunity to have fun with your phone. From movie themes to favorite rap songs - our phones will effortlessly reflect who we are.

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