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SEO With Silverstripe CMS

Often SEO is defined as the most important part of your website marketing efforts. If your website is found in a search engine results, it can turn prospects into sales leads. With search engine optimization, you can optimize your website to appear on the listings of search engines. High ranking in search results without paying for ad placements is often referred to as organic search engine optimization. It is being listed in the top results naturally which will pay tremendous dividends in both end user perception and maximizing your marketing budget over time.

To understand the basics of search engine optimization technically, you might need to learn a bit of HTML. But, you don't want to do that! It can be quite daunting to edit all pages of your website if you have a really big website. But, if you are using a content management system (CMS) to manage your content, then you should find SEO very easy. In fact, the SEO process might even come naturally to some CMS.

Silverstripe is considered one of the best open source CMS. It provides many facilities regarding search engine optimization. Page keywords and descriptions can easily be entered through a couple of text input boxes. Everything in the Silverstrip content management system is designed for the ease of use. Search engine optimization features are now included in Silverstripe, so it is not a hard task anymore. Silverstripe provides Gsitemap support to enhance the search engine optimization capabilities of the content management system.

It can become very difficult to submit a XML sitemap file associated with every entry on the content management system to Google, Yahoo and/or MSN. Silverstripe's functionality creates a gzipped sitemap XML file that is automatically submitted to Google. Some people need this facility to keep some pages away from the reach of Google bot as well. Excluding such pages from sitemap can provide the possible solution to this issue. Silverstripe produces SEO friendly URLs.

SEO friendly URLs are a critical component of organic search engine optimization. An example of SEO friendly URLs is a page name of /page.php?id=4 compared to /fishing-toys-for-kids.

html. /fishing-toys-for-kids.html is going to enhance your SEO efforts to your Fishing Toys for Kids product line while page.php?id=4 will do nothing. With Silverstripe, SEO enhanced URLs are built in and do not require complicated configuration. Of course, search engine marketing most often involves a CPC campaign(s) as well as organic result efforts.

You can also use Google Adwords integration to enhance the SEO capabilities and advertising budget tracking of your website. All the campaigns can be easily tracked and managed within the content management system. So it is very easy to manage everything related to SEO in your content management system itself. It is straightforward to achieve marketing results within Silverstripe CMS.

You will feel very comfortable when implementing SEO for your website. Silverstripe provides a solid foundation for keeping content fresh and easily managed. But, as an added bonus, Silverstripe can be utilized in your search engine marketing efforts.

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