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Spyware Protection Is Needed Because This Nuisance Will Be With Us For The Long Haul

Unfortunately, spyware will not be going anywhere anytime soon. And with that in mind, you are going to have to learn how to protect your computer with the best products and tools that are available to you. 9 out of 10 home computers that are connected to the internet are infected with spyware. 87% of some form of spyware are found on corporate computers. So as you can see, spyware is a pest of a software.

This nuisance is the third greatest threat to your network's bandwidth and security. Surfing from your home, office or even universities, have become more dangerous and annoying. This problem has become so severe that it has moved the U.

S. government to pass the Internet Spyware Prevention Act(I-Spy) in 2004. The evil that presents itself on the internet has many names such as: trackware, sneakware, adware, snoopware, malware, and scumware. Some spyware programs are installed during a visit to a website.

This can allow a spyware operator to take over system and make it infected. The following types of spyware that can infiltrate your computer system are: adware, security holes, plugins and toolbars. Each one of these types can lead to further infections or loss of private, critical data. If you notice any of these things going on with your computer, spyware may be the course. They are: Lots of pop-up advertising windows more than usual Your browser is going to many sites you do not expect Your system may be slow Strange unnecessary toolbars in internet explorer Microsoft Windows and the Internet Explorer are the targets for most of this terrible stuff.

Unexplained changes to your homepage Many computer crashes New toolbars you can't delete So if you are swapping music, file sharing, or photo sharing, etc. you are opening yourself up for this infliction. You will be opening a can of worms when you are: Just browsing the internet(Yes, I know. No matter what you do, you are being spied on.

) Clicking on pop-ups Opening instant messages or even emails Downloading programs and files It does not matter what you are doing. This irritant will infect your computer if you are not protected. Be careful when you are: Downloading Files- Yes I am sorry to say that this comes with a price.

Downloading can infect your computer.(music, screensavers, free files, etc.) Now some spyware can attach itself to any file without you knowing it and without your permission.

And sometimes before you download, there is a disclosed message in a legal text flash on the screen before your start downloading(A End User's License Agreement) and many people just don't read the fine print. So in reality if you don't read the small print, you may be downloading spyware. This is why you have to start reading the fine print. So before you go on the internet, make sure you have spyware protection installed and updated on your computer all of the time. Browsing the Internet- There are certain sites that have more threatening spyware that can easily attach to your computer.

They are: Community Sites Adult Sites File Sharing Sites Online Communication- (Instant messaging and emails). Yes these two sometimes will have attached spyware to them. Even opening the message may start the download of something evil. What you need to do is look for a program that provides reliable protection. You need to look for the most updated protection available. It is recommended that you install and regularly run at least two spyware detection programs.

Since spyware changes so rapidly at this present time, there is no single tool that can detect and remove all of it. There are always new threats that are presented. It is best to choose the widely used ones and the ones that are favorably reviewed. And make sure a program makes getting rid of this nag as easy as 1-2-3. You need to get started in scanning your computer now.

Just a small amount of spyware on your computer system can slow your computer down alot because it is eating up your hard drive resources. And in trying to prevent and/or lessen this problem you must: Download software from sites you can trust You can increase you browser's security settings immediately Always have some kind of spyware protection and a firewall on your computer Update your operating system on a regular basis You need to always arm yourself with continuous information and become more wiser and knowledgeable about this problem. You need to actively defend against spyware and adware installations as they happen because it grows more threatening everyday. You will never have to worry about it if your system is protected. You can easily know that you are protecting your computer from this malicious software. If you have not done anything yet, then you need to get started today.

Many resources are available to help you protect your computer from spyware. Act now. Quote from the Federal Trade Commission: "Around 10 million people have had their personal information pilfered and mis-used in some way or another every year costing consumers $5 billion and businesses $48 billion annually.

" This is some very scary stuff people. Take this seriously and protect your computer today. And again, Act Now.

You must always be on top of spyware protection It changes rapidly. Protect your PC Now. http://what-is-spyware-and-what-to-do.blogspot.com

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