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Striking Gold With My New High definition Antenna

For my birthday this year, my parents bought me a nice TV for my dorm room.  I know, I am really lucky to have such wonderful parents.  My roommate is just as serendipitous to have a roommate who has provided him with a outstanding HDTV to watch during our late nights of studying or partying, whichever the circumstance may be at the time.

The only problem I found was that I couldn't afford the cable monthly charge for high definition channels.  .


My parents told me if they bought me the TV, I would have to handle the cost of getting the high definition channels, if I so take.  Of course, I want high calibre image, why wouldn't I? I was researching a project one night and drifted off onto several sites talking about antennas. I couldn't conceive what I was reading because it was like I had struck gold or something.

  It was that great. The antennas furnish you with signals so you don't have to use your cable provider to incur the signals.  .


I thought this was great but I didn't really know where I would put an antenna in a dorm room.

I started thinking about it and kept reading online.  Finally, I found something that would succeed in my room.  There is an high definition picture frame. Unearthly, I know. You can put a picture in the frame, secure it on your wall and it receives a signal for high quality channels. I bought it and tried it out.

  It wasn't overpriced at all so I didn't have to worry about dropping a gigantic chunk out of my bank account.  .


I am happy that I did determine to buy it because I am so content with it and needed to let everyone know it, especially other college students.  We don't have a lot of money but we still deserve to have a pleasant television to watch.  We work hard and require a stress release. Now my roommate and I possess many of the best channels acquirable now.  We spend way too much time in front of my television but it's alright.



Another thing I figured out while doing my search is that after Feb 17, 2009, I wouldn't be able to view my tv without the high definition service from my cable company because all broadcasters will be required to send out these signals only.

  Now, I am all set for the switch and can keep to observe with no problems now and in the approaching.

John Wilkerson recommends that you take a look at one of the few HDTV antennas on the market that actually works! Resources: Philadelphia HDTV antennas Indoor HDTV Antenna

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