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The New American Economy

Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about what appears to be a decline in the country's economic system. I believe that what we are witnessing IS a global economic change that has been referred to as "the democratization of wealth" and I also believe that those who understand this and adjust accordingly will reap great social and economic benefits. Each year there are hundreds of thousands of people worldwide coming out of poverty by American standards. WOW! WHAT A MARKET!! At the same time of this "democratization of wealth", there has emerged a dark side.

CyberCrime. Cybercrime and Identity Theft have reached epidemic levels worldwide. No country, no person, no business and no government is immuned from CyberCrime. It has been estimated that the profits from CyberCrime now exceeds the profits from drug trafficking.

In America alone, everyday over 170,000 people and personal computers become victims of CyberCrime and in the majority of cases it can be weeks or even months before it's detected. Many of the Cyber criminals are members of organized crime groups and they reside in India, China and Russia where they are immuned from prosecution by the U S Government. For true entrepreneurs, CyberCrime Protection is presenting a new opportunity to offer a service that can help to combat CyberCrime and launch a new multi-billion dollar industry. With the need for real solutions to the CyberCrime problem, a powerful social marketing business model, and the surging home-based business trend, an unbelievable opportunity is being presented to entrepreneurs worldwide. The mission of a CyberCrime Protection business should be to protect homes and small businesses from the dangers of CyberCrime and to create more financially independent families. Independent CyberCrime Protection businesses should flourish in both up and down economies because CyberCrime flourishes in both types of economies, too.

Fortunes have been made with past trends in computers and the Internet. And it's happening again, right now. There is a tremendous need for safe and hassle-free computing in homes and small businesses all over the world. The next 15 years will be quite turbulent in America.

You can already see the beginning trends of this turbulence.subprime mortgages, energy crisis and transition, decline in public education, the demise of the middle class, bank failures, troubled financial institutions and the economic advancement of what were third world countries.

Jay Johnson, a former U S Treasury Agent with the Division of Internal Revenue Service is now an Internet Safety Advocate. http://www.mycomputerisfunagain.com

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