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Tissue Culture Microscopes

The Tissue Culture Microscopes is always inverted, meaning its microscope objectives are facing upward. This is because the proper way to view the tissue culture specimen is from the bottom of the petri dish. All the objectives are made as long working distance objectives to allow for the light to pass through the bottom of the glassware holding the tissue culture specimen. Living tissue cultures often appear translucent to the normal brightfield microscope. They carry some models that have the phase contrast microscopy built in for added viewing contrast. They also carry one inverted tissue culture microscope model with fluorescence microscopy capability.

Their microscopes give good viewing imaging and are suitable for research in university microbiology labs, health clinics, and general biological use. We encourage you to call Tissue Culture Microscopes when you are considering the purchase of this type of microscopy equipment. Their trained staff includes biologists who know how to assist their customers. Their website, www.

tissueculturemicroscopes.com is a great site for learning about these fine optical instruments.

Winona Ave. Saint Louis Mo 63109 Phone:314-353-2758 Website: http://www.tissueculturemicroscopes.com

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