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What Does The Apple iPhone Have To Offer In Applications

The Apple IPhone is truly amazing, it has opened the door to may new possibilities in todays technological world. While previously we required having a variety of gadgets on us the IPhone has now compressed everything into one phone. No longer do you need to carry a phone, navigation system, mp3 or computer with you; it is all there in one small package

Categories of iPhone Applications

You cannot go wrong with an IPhone it is a great gadget.

There are so many applications on it that can make your life so much easier. The application categories are: Calculate, Entertainment, Games, News, Productivity, Search Tools, Social Networking, Sports, Travel, Utilities, and weather.

Calculate, Productivity, Search Tools, Utilities

Your Iphone calculator is not an ordinary calculator it can help you to measure just about anything. Theres one for mileage, compound interest, federal tax, simple savings calculator, converter, and many more.

The iPhone Productivity applications offer services for everyday tasks. Some of the great productivity ones are: Quote Sheet, Receipts Tracker, To Do Lists, StockWatch, Attendance Countdown, Get all the Deals, and BudgetBuster Daily Expense Tracker. Then, there are the Utilities applications. These are tools like dictionaries and references that can be accessed right from the phone. For instance, theres Chem Dictionary, eBooks Explorer, and Weight Tracker.

Entertainment, Games, News

In Entertainment, you can find iPhone applications like Outalot which shows you where the nearest restaurants, bars, and movie theaters are located.

They also offer a TV guide and GoLark Mobile, which finds the best local events. The iPhone Games applications offer a wide variety of games. There are games in all different categories like puzzle, strategy, action, roleplay, and so on. Theres one called Speedway and you just race against other cars like you would on a regular game system. You can even really race against other people.

The News iPhone applications are possibly the coolest ones. Theres a Stitcher Radio where you can listen to all of the entertainment, politics, sports, music, gossip, and more, like you would on a regular radio. Plus, you can get latest headline alerts or find out whats going on in your specific area.

Sports, Travel, Weather

For sports lovers, the iPhone Sports application is golden. For one, they offer Live Stats Tracker which is amazing if you are on the go but want to keep up with games that are going on. They even have an application called Get all the Sports! and it gives top headlines from the best sports sources like ESPN, Fox Sports, and Sports Illustrated.

Travel applications are designed for busy people on the go. Theres one called iTraffix US and it breaks down the traffic by the minute from cities all over America. It also has a language translator in case youre traveling in another country.

Theres also one called Get all the Travel! that gives the latest travel news and deals.
The weather iPhone application is remarkable. Weather Made Simple is an application that gives the current weather conditions and a 10-day forecast.

Other applications allow you to check the weather for anywhere in the world so if youre going on vacation you know what to expect.

Applications in a Nutshell

It is understandable why the IPhone has become so popular. It has all the gadgets you can want on one devise, how much easier could it be.


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